Visualizing the Future

A balanced lifestyle would include expression in any and everything that I do. I would work alone and collaborate, I would cycle everyday, I would chill with my homies when I felt like it, I’d know too many people and spend ample quality time with the people I love most. I’d live in San Francisco. Have an offbeat pad in the city or maybe Oakland or Berkeley. I’d work as much as my heart desired. I’d have my business set up so that I could do what I wanted each day and still move forward. I wonder what that would look like actually…

Cycling, martial arts, spoken word, art shows, festivals, tea and producing art are things I’d do while not working… or maybe they’ll be a part of my work in some ways. I’d spend my time with the most wonderful, beautiful, inspired women; with people sustaining themselves on passion alone; with artists and with the chillest human beings in my corner of the globe. I’d revisit my personal goal of being more socially outgoing, and delve deeper into teas and meditation. I’d set up various income streams so that I could volunteer in Japan, Haiti and New Orleans. I’d also get involved with a local cycling collective. I’ve been wanting to photograph bad-ass women on bicycles lately.

If I made bank, I’d use that money to set up micro-loans to help bolster small businesses and increase jobs. Or perhaps I’d go ham on Kickstarter. I’d devote my resources to institutions that cater to queer women of color. I’d have the time and money to go home to Louisiana more often and love up the family extra. Have my nieces over for part of every summer to have a blast with Aunt D. Everyday would be expression of myself and a day to impact my community. I’d eliminate processed food entirely from my life (because I’d be able to afford it). Contentment and satisfaction would be the rewards of my work.

I love craft and skill. Working as a screenprinter was wonderful because it required a devil’s eye and creative problem solving. I’m a Virgo, so anything can be mastered and perfected. There’s no need not to do everything the best I can. Doing things well is a meditation and rewarding. I’d continue to consistently apply myself and challenge myself. I’d spread positivity through attitude and sharing resources. I’d give and give and give and give until bedtime, then begin again the next day. I’d have a bicycle for everyday of the week. Hott knickers would be involved… and a Bianchi, most definitely, but Candace will always have my heart. I’d drink the best quality teas. I’d get more into wines. I’d own too many books. I’d buy art. I’d own a studio. My house would be small but an outward expression of myself. A habitat. The kitchen would be state of the art and downright sexy. And I’d throw down in it every. single. day. I’d give up toxic relationships and unnecessary stress more effectively. I’d continue to be me without boundaries.

How do you visualize your future?


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