“Karmic” Episode #1

On my trip to (and from) Sandestin Beach Resort, I encountered what I like to call “window-seat hijackers.” These individuals grab the window seats, perhaps unknowningly, though they are assigned the aisle. I didn’t protest and I wasn’t bitter about it. If someone loves the window seat, then by all means take it. On my trip there, I was too tired to care anyway; I slept most of the flight. But on my way back I did want to see out the window, even from a slight distance.

For the past couple days, I had been reading this book called The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra. In the chapter about the Law of Giving, he recommended silently wishing everyone we come into contact with peace, joy and laughter. And so I did. That day I had been wishing up a storm.

When I boarded the plane on my return trip to Atlanta, that’s when I encountered window-hijacker #2–an elderly, quiet man. His window, along with many of the windows on our side of the plane, was closed. I decided to not allow that to bother me (see the Law of Least Effort), and instead silently wished the hijacker a lifetime of peace, joy and laughter. No sooner than I had given him this modest gift did he turn and open the window.

Perhaps it was coincidence that the elderly gentlemen opened the window at that moment, or maybe another karmic debt was being repaid, or it’s possible that karmic debt can sometimes have an immediate turnover. Whatever the case may be, gazing out the window on my flight home made me happy, and I’m sure he was too.

Photo by Denise Chambers

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