LydiaMy name is Lydia. I grew up in the southern reaches of Louisiana in Creole country, left for college to get a non-lucrative humanities degree that few know exists, and have yet to return Louisiana (as a resident) but have managed to resettle in Atlanta (a “southern” oasis of liberalism). I am both a hustler and an entrepreneur. (There is no difference between the two—except, perhaps, a hustler has a much greater sense of urgency.) I have ideas upon ideas upon ideas upon ideas, and of course, I’m unemployed. I’ve accepted that I’m not going to be one of those people with a decent/cushy paying job who has this off-beat hobby that explodes into a career and completes my life. I have no job, and my life is already complete. I rarely have more than $50 in my bank account at any given time, and I keep getting rejected for food stamps. Yet, what I lack in money, I make up for in resourcefulness and agency.

In short, my career path, like life, is pure trial and error. There’s no right and wrong in paving my own path, just lessons learned. I’m unemployed and broke. I hustle/entrepreneur for a “living.” This is my journal of successes, failures, inspirations, advice, thoughts and found resources. I hope my journey can help you on yours. If not, I’d at least appreciate the company.

Contact: hustlingcitizen@gmail.com

Banner image cropped from work by Jose Parla [http://www.joseparla.com/]. 

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