Starting Now: Step 1 to Making Your Ideas a Reality

I believed for a long time that to start a business, I first had to save up money. Then, with that capital I saved, I could put it toward growing a business. Capital is definitely necessary at some points, but doing one thing so that I could do another isn’t exactly efficient or the only … Continue reading

Lessons Well Learned

I am a regular reader of Leo Babauta’s blog, zen habits. He often talks about not setting goals, and accepting that we are not as much in control as we think. What Leo has to say is important. I agree that goals are a distraction for me. When I don’t reach one, or I get … Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Power-tool: Reading

A Million Ideas Notebook

As a hustler-entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time reading. A LOT a lot. The beauty of entrepreneuring is that it’s a self-education. (Note: If you’re not a generally curious person, that sucks.) Reading has not only been an inescapable resource for getting my life together (getting my life together is still happening, p.s.), it’s … Continue reading

When Being Who You Are Challenges the Norms | zen habits

When Being Who You Are Challenges the Norms | zen habits: Leo Babauta talks about aspects of himself that challenge social norms (including willing unemployment) and how people respond to them. While these things don’t define him, they are a part of him. What he writes about in this article is something that I’m  passionate … Continue reading