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“Karmic” Episode #1

On my trip to (and from) Sandestin Beach Resort, I encountered what I like to call “window-seat hijackers.” These individuals grab the window seats, perhaps unknowningly, though they are assigned the aisle. I didn’t protest and I wasn’t bitter about it. If someone loves the window seat, then by all means take it. On my … Continue reading


Self-doubt is the most sinister form of resistance I encounter on my journey. It has been known to stop me dead in my tracks and consume an entire day (and even entire weeks!). Just yesterday, I had a breaking point and began to job hunt. I felt antsy, rushed and agitated. I was desperate to … Continue reading

Class acts – Colombia [Monocle]

Class acts – Colombia [Monocle]: In the poor south side of Bogotá, many children don’t have access to a good education. Monocle meets two people trying to improve things. One is an architect who designs school buildings that pupils and their communities can be proud of. The other is a rubbish-truck driver, who has collected thousands … Continue reading

Finding the Right Path… Again

espresso pouring

I’ve been M.I.A. in the month of August. I have to apologize. This month flew by! And as the Fall comes closer, business is picking up. Trust that I am eternally grateful for the lack of time on my hands these days. But with this new busy schedule and dwindling free time, I’ve had to … Continue reading

Long Quote: Barbara Winter

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Here’s a perspective altering quote from Barbara Winter’s Making a Living without a Job.  It’s incredible how the dictionary defines self-esteem with somewhat arrogant terms, when in reality, that’s not the case at all: While it may be intangible, self-esteem is not invisible. It’s easy to spot people who have high self-esteem by their behavior. … Continue reading

Nothing in the Universe is Neutral


Ah, entrepreneuring. Productivity. Overcoming struggle. Resilience. Hindsight and the satisfying view of growth. Contentment. Flow. All of that. The road to sustainable joblessness–a/k/a self-employment–is multifaceted and ambiguous. Everyone has their own road that they must take, like a fingerprint. Unique, and no one else’s but theirs. It’s easier for some. Harder for others. And even … Continue reading

Curiosity Killed the Cat

Curiosity killed the cat is a messed up expression. Curiosity educated the cat. Too much hand sanitizer is what killed the cat. Yesterday, I was filling my brain up with an extra healthy serving of entrepreneurial wisdom from Marie Forleo. In one of her Q&A Tuesday posts, she spouts some vital (yes, vital) info on … Continue reading

How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World

How to Quit Your Job, Move to Paradise and Get Paid to Change the World: Jon Morrow of Copyblogger uses his own story of becoming a successful blogger to motivate us to get out there and make money doing what we love. This is the most inspiring thing I’ve read in a while!

Entrepreneurial Power-tool: Reading

A Million Ideas Notebook

As a hustler-entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time reading. A LOT a lot. The beauty of entrepreneuring is that it’s a self-education. (Note: If you’re not a generally curious person, that sucks.) Reading has not only been an inescapable resource for getting my life together (getting my life together is still happening, p.s.), it’s … Continue reading