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What Bill has to say about nature is truth. Check out his company, Will Leather Goods. Advertisements

Class acts – Colombia [Monocle]

Class acts – Colombia [Monocle]: In the poor south side of Bogotá, many children don’t have access to a good education. Monocle meets two people trying to improve things. One is an architect who designs school buildings that pupils and their communities can be proud of. The other is a rubbish-truck driver, who has collected thousands … Continue reading

Danny MacAskill

danny macaskill

Danny MacAskill is one example of someone who’s making a living doing what he loves.  

Why I Drink Sinful Amounts of Tea

Just after graduating from college, I was thrown into a depression that, in retrospect, held me back from personal growth for the better part of a year. For the first six months of being out of college, I lived with my parents. And by live, I mean I barely left the house and worked my … Continue reading

No Jobs? Young Graduates Make Their Own [NYTimes]

Young seedling growing in a hand

This article by the New York Times is chock full of resources. But a warning: this article is misleading. The author states that “the entrepreneurial life is notoriously filled with risks, stresses and sacrifices,” then goes on to end the article on that semi-negative note that the fail rate is high. From reading and my … Continue reading

Biz Profile: jellybeanbikes

jellybeanbikes detail

One of my dreams is to become a bike mechanic. I still intend to become one. It’s all part of my grand plan to join a women’s bike collective and be a sexy grease monkey (ya know, except fixies instead of cars). I have no idea where to find said collective or if it exists, … Continue reading