Long Quote: Barbara Winter

water candle

Here’s a perspective altering quote from Barbara Winter’s Making a Living without a Job.  It’s incredible how the dictionary defines self-esteem with somewhat arrogant terms, when in reality, that’s not the case at all: While it may be intangible, self-esteem is not invisible. It’s easy to spot people who have high self-esteem by their behavior. … Continue reading

Nothing in the Universe is Neutral


Ah, entrepreneuring. Productivity. Overcoming struggle. Resilience. Hindsight and the satisfying view of growth. Contentment. Flow. All of that. The road to sustainable joblessness–a/k/a self-employment–is multifaceted and ambiguous. Everyone has their own road that they must take, like a fingerprint. Unique, and no one else’s but theirs. It’s easier for some. Harder for others. And even … Continue reading

Embracing Burned Bridges


I’m pretty sure when potential employers read my resume and see Egyptology listed as my degree, they think to themselves, “What in the world…” And then toss my resume aside. I can’t say that I blame the average hiring manager for writing me off based on my degree. Some might think I’ve shot myself in the foot. … Continue reading

Entrepreneurial Power-tool: Reading

A Million Ideas Notebook

As a hustler-entrepreneur, I spend a lot of time reading. A LOT a lot. The beauty of entrepreneuring is that it’s a self-education. (Note: If you’re not a generally curious person, that sucks.) Reading has not only been an inescapable resource for getting my life together (getting my life together is still happening, p.s.), it’s … Continue reading