Simple Daily Habits to Ignite Your Passion | zen habits

Simple Daily Habits to Ignite Your Passion | zen habits: Great article by Scott Dinsmore! He writes, “Living a life of purpose and passion is just that, a way of life. Those who wake up excited aren’t just the lucky ones, they condition themselves to experience and deserve it.” This conditioning is also key to … Continue reading

Nothing in the Universe is Neutral


Ah, entrepreneuring. Productivity. Overcoming struggle. Resilience. Hindsight and the satisfying view of growth. Contentment. Flow. All of that. The road to sustainable joblessness–a/k/a self-employment–is multifaceted and ambiguous. Everyone has their own road that they must take, like a fingerprint. Unique, and no one else’s but theirs. It’s easier for some. Harder for others. And even … Continue reading

No Jobs? Young Graduates Make Their Own [NYTimes]

Young seedling growing in a hand

This article by the New York Times is chock full of resources. But a warning: this article is misleading. The author states that “the entrepreneurial life is notoriously filled with risks, stresses and sacrifices,” then goes on to end the article on that semi-negative note that the fail rate is high. From reading and my … Continue reading

Visualizing the Future

'Visualize' written in the sand on the beah

A balanced lifestyle would include expression in any and everything that I do. I would work alone and collaborate, I would cycle everyday, I would chill with my homies when I felt like it, I’d know too many people and spend ample quality time with the people I love most. I’d live in San Francisco. … Continue reading

Why You Shouldn’t Be Reasonable Marie Forleo | Helping Women Around The World Live Rich, Happy & Hot!

Why You Shouldn’t Be Reasonable Marie Forleo | Helping Women Around The World Live Rich, Happy & Hot!: Marie Forleo talks about why being unreasonable and never underestimating yourself can make you rich, happy and hot. Inspiration for the day 🙂

Process, Habitat and Filters

How often do we forget about the process and the passion and the purpose of what we’re doing? And for how long? I’ve been a sufferer of artist’s block for years. I’ve fallen prey to impatience, frustration and lack of inspiration. Something sound in myself had given way and I had been free falling ever … Continue reading

Embracing Burned Bridges


I’m pretty sure when potential employers read my resume and see Egyptology listed as my degree, they think to themselves, “What in the world…” And then toss my resume aside. I can’t say that I blame the average hiring manager for writing me off based on my degree. Some might think I’ve shot myself in the foot. … Continue reading