Long Quote: Barbara Winter

Here’s a perspective altering quote from Barbara Winter’s Making a Living without a Job.  It’s incredible how the dictionary defines self-esteem with somewhat arrogant terms, when in reality, that’s not the case at all:

While it may be intangible, self-esteem is not invisible. It’s easy to spot people who have high self-esteem by their behavior. Chances are that the people you most like being with possess it in abundance. These people are frequently described as “gracious” and “thoughtful,” which makes them desirable as friends. They love and care for themselves, but they are not arrogant. They have compassion for others, which rises of out their compassion for themselves. Since few of us arrive at a place of healthy self-esteem by accident or birth, these folks may constantly be aware of their own struggle to achieve it–and their ongoing effort to nurture it. Their curiosity and interest in others lead them to be excellent listeners, another magnetic quality. In addition, they have an elevated sense of personal responsibility; they rarely blame others for their problems or misfortunes. They may have a passionate desire to contribute to society. Whether they speak of it or not, they frequently have a sense of mission in their lives that others lack. Knowing their own worth gives them a profound sense that they are here for some purpose, which, in turn, shows itself in a reverence for life. Forward-thinking, they are aware that all past experiences in their lives have helped to mold their character. Even when their lives have seemed difficult, you’ll hear them say, “I wouldn’t change a thing.” They have a strong aura of integrity and truthfulness about them, but they are truly sensitive to the feelings of others. People with high self-esteem don’t have the need to say everything that’s on their minds. The bonus you receive for hanging out with these folks is that in their presence you feel safe and accepted just as you are. In fact, when you leave them you may find that you like yourself a bit more.


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